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Business owners need a powerful way to engage with their audience. We understand the challenges you may face and we offer cutting-edge services to tie everything together.

Are you getting new business or qualified leads from your website?

Architected Relations leverages cutting-edge tools and technologies to create dynamic, powerful web applications that actually converts traffic. We act as your partner in the digital world, enabling you to reach your audience, engage them, and convert your traffic into customers and clients.

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The Role of a Website in Your Business’s Success

Why work with a web development agency? We’ve heard that question before, as well as others like it:

  • My customers are referral and local, do we really need a website to get clients?
  • We’re a small team just getting started, do I need a web design company?
  • I already have a website. Do I need to work with a marketing agency to get more clients?

The answer to each of those questions is "No". However, your competitors are actively finding new ways to get clients. If you choose to capitalize on potential clients available in your market today the questions becomes, how can you? And that's where we come in.

Real Estate Technology

Position Yourself as an Expert to Your Local Real Estate Market

Having full control over your web presence allows you to provide actionable insights about your local market to your audience. Whether your content is in the form of blogging, videos, or pictures, your clients should be able to view and share this information from your website. Since the real estate market is always changing, real estate professionals must adapt their solutions to meet their clients' expectations.

Real estate websites built with old technologies such as WordPress are filled with spam pages. These old technologies create thousands of listing pages on your website that all look and function the same which inevitably hurts the user experience and poorly affects your SEO results. With proper web technologies, you are able to fully control every aspect of your brand.

Speak Directly to Your Buyers and Sellers by Sharing Insightful Expertise

Our marketing strategies for real estate professionals are unique and bold. We understand that in a competitive marketplace you must be seen as an expert in your local market. Since consumers are using modern technologies to shop, browse, and educate themselves on all things real estate, we put you in front of them.

Building genuine trust and relationships with your local market

Giants such as Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia have impacted the ways consumers shop, browse, and educate themselves on real estate, however, they cannot provide consumers with the all the information they are looking for in your city. After all, you live there. Given the right tools, our real estate clients are able to build a digital presence that directly speaks and resonates with their local audience.

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Factors That Affect Website Results

Creating a dynamic website that actually fuels growth and success requires the right fusion of technology, aesthetics and most importantly clear business goals. It’s about creating an experience than merely the sum of its parts – it is a digital extension of your brand and identity.

This process requires more than just an eye for aesthetics and industry-leading web development skills. It requires a deep understanding of how the website will be used to increase your business bottom line.





A responsive web design is a critical consideration in reaching and engaging your audience, as well as ranking well in the SERPs.

Simply put, responsive web design determines the type of device a visitor is using (and thereby the screen size) and resizes, reorders, and reorganizes page content and layout to fit that device. It’s all about delivering an ideal user experience to every single website visitor, whether they’re using a PC, a laptop, a tablet computer, or a smartphone.

Responsive Website

When it comes to website design, we understand how critical a responsive design is and we make it part of every project.

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Architected Relations is a digital marketing agency dedicated to delivering high-end custom websites that effectively work to build your brand, engage visitors, and convert more leads, fueling your growth and success.

With that being said, not just any old website will do the trick. Slow websites powered by ads, poorly designed, filled with error-riddled code, and cookie-cutter themes used by dozens of other businesses simply don’t cut it.

A custom business website delivers critical capabilities, raising your brand awareness over the competition while accelerating growth and profitability. A website offers:

Hub for all of your marketing efforts

  • Increased visibility
  • Satisfying customer/client expectations
  • Increase leads
  • Reinforce and build your brand
  • Improved credibility
  • Drive organic traffic with Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, SEO has changed a lot. Appearing at the top of Google is no longer just saturating your page with some targeted keywords. Web pages must offer value to humans first while also satisfying the Google crawlers.

This shift has made many business owners think that SEO is no longer important. The truth, search engine optimization has never been more critical, but it has become more complicated and not many can do it.

Your SEO content should be optimized strategically with an eye toward delivering a good experience to the user and following best practices. However, SEO goes so much deeper than just keyword-optimized text. Here are just a few factors you should consider when building your websites:


Image Alt Tags


Link Structure

Meta Tags


Connecting The Digital Marketing Dots

Digital Marketing Connecting Dots

A web design agency must understand that your business’s website is more than just a digital business card or placeholder. It’s the hub of all your online marketing efforts. It’s the anchor that holds it all together, and the center of your sales funnel.

As such, a a good marketing agency must work with you to understand (and advise) your digital marketing strategy. What other methods will you be using? How will your strategy tie together to drive leads into the funnel and toward a preferred action?

At Architected Relations, our team understands the role that a website plays in your success. We work with you to ensure that the final product is a perfect fit for your digital marketing strategy and that you have a website that functions as a robust hub for:

Organic Traffic From Google

Paid Traffic From Adverts

Social Media Traffic

Referral Branded Traffic

Let’s have a chat

We start by building high-end custom websites that help you connect all the dots needed in your digital marketing strategy, however, we don't stop there. We will optimize your whole digital experience and handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to generating website traffic and leads to your website with proven services such as:


Social Media Ads

Google Ads

Ready to leverage the latest web technologies and digital marketing tools for your success? Book a consultation and learn how we can create a digital experience that amplifies your brand and connects you with your ideal clients.